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Corporación Instituto Profesional INACAP, Chile

INACAP, founded in 1966, is a System of Higher Education institutions constituted by the Technological University of Chile INACAP, the INACAP Professional Institute, the INACAP Technical Training Centre and a Corporate and Extended Education Agency. INACAP is present, through its 27-campus network, in the 16 regions of the country. The Mission of INACAP is to train people with values and competencies that allow them to develop as responsible citizens and integrate with autonomy and productivity into society.

The School of Hospitality, Tourism Management and Culinary Arts (HOTUGA) is a pioneer in tourism education in Chile. It started offering training in this area in 1976. HOTUGA has 12.000 undergraduate students and 380 faculty. It has branches in the 16 regions of the country and boasts the largest network of alumni in Chile. With its campus network spread throughout Chile, HOTUGA is closely linked to the local industry and the diverse environments found along the country.

INACAP HOTUGA´s faculty have collaborated and worked in several community engagement projects such as:

– Project with the Ministry of National Assets, which aims at developing a model of ecotourism administration that promotes collaboration with local communities.

– Capacity transfer program, consisting of training professionals in tourist destinations.

– Territorial interventions in Pan de Azucar National Park and Cuenca del Yali, with the aim of making the destination more competitive.

– Technical assistance in designing experiences in various territories of Chile.

Some of the strengths that INACAP offers are:

– Public engagement activities in ecotourism in different regions in Chile.

– Ecotourism Innovation Projects in different regions in Chile.

– Geographical coverage of the INACAP campuses, in all regions of Chile.

– Nols Level No Trace (NDR) Course Development both for students and local guides.