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EN Module 3 Quiz

Módulo 3. A operação e o profissional do ecoturismo

1. Considering the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage by tour guides, which of the following best reflects the importance of this work in the visitors' experience in natural environments? (Identify the correct answer):

2. Guidance and orientation is about (Identify the correct answer):

3. You can help yourself with orientation with (Identify the correct answer):

4. In relation to the following statements, identify those three that are true:

5. Psychographic segmentation divides the public into different groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics. The ecotourist usually has a very segmented personality. Based on not stated, evaluate the following alternatives:

(i) Ecotourists seek cultural enrichment from the interpretation of nature and their cultural heritage, therefore they always carry with them learners that they apply in their daily lives or return to their place of origin.

(ii) Ecotourists tend to look for products that meet the principles of sustainability.

(iii) To choose a tourist destination, the impacts that tourism causes to locals are not so important to ecotourists. For them, what is important are the natural beauties found there.

Now answer and check if (Identify the correct answer):

6. Among the seven principles of planning group tours in nature, the need for advanced planning and preparation stands out. Thus, among the group preparation activities, all are correct except one (Identify the wrong answer):

7. In order to keep a good group dynamics for the integration of different visitor profiles, motivations and background, it is important to (Identify the wrong answer):

8. Regarding leadership in conducting ecotourism processes and groups, read the following sentences:

1. It is necessary to pay attention to the needs of the group as a whole and each of its members or stakeholders, in the following order of priority: safety and protection; achievement and success; cooperation; integration and inclusion; creativity and progress; moral values; spiritual fulfilment.

2. Leadership is a natural aspect, some people have this profile, and this skill can hardly be worked on in people who do not have this profile.

3. Although there is a hierarchy of needs, the priority demands for each of the group's members can be different regarding different levels of needs, at the same time.

4. In ecotourism, to lead processes and groups it is important to strengthen the authority of the leader and strictly follow the rational logic of each process or activity.

Now, select the correct alternative:

9. What are the most used conflict resolution strategies? (Identify the correct answer):

10. The main skills when facing an emergency, considering and recognizing the own objective dangers that caused the accident to the subjective dangers of the same rescuers, refers to? (Identify the correct answer):