UnB – Brazil

Universidade de Brasilia (UnB), Brazil

The University of Brasília is a federal public university, founded in 1962. Since then, it has been consistently named among the top five Brazilian universities and the top twenty universities in South America by Times Higher Education. As its basic functions, UnB has: expanding educational opportunities, developing new professional programmes demanded by the Brazilian economy, advising the public bodies in all areas of knowledge and contributing to the country’s scientific and technical development. UnB aims to expand the internationalization policy through scientific, academic and technological cooperation, encouraging partnerships and academic mobility at all levels, expanding international visibility through dissemination of information about research results, ongoing studies, participation of visiting Brazilian and foreign researchers, expanding the exchange with universities in Latin America, with Iberian-speaking countries, among others.

The UnB has advanced centres such as the Centre for Excellence in Tourism (CET), the Centre for Sustainable Development (CDS) and the Centre for Studies of the Cerrado (CER). These centres develop teaching, research and extension activities related to nature tourism, sustainable development, natural areas and natural resources. CER has recently put forward plans for the development of a post-graduate course in Ecotourism planning and management, in partnership with CET, CDS, other UnB units, other universities and institutions in Brazil and abroad. We believe this project will contribute to the comprehensive design of our course by introducing innovative approaches of natural heritage interpretation and enable us to launch it in the beginning of 2022. UnB, through the team involved in the project, will liaise with the governmental, private and civil society institutions, which deal with tourism, natural areas and management of natural resources, aiming at the full development of the project.