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EN Module 4 Quiz

Módulo 4. Interpretación del medio natural

1. Where was heritage interpretation originally used? (Identify the correct answer):

2. Who is often called the father of Heritage Interpretation? (Identify the correct answer)

3. Read the following sentences:

1. In general terms, people's relationship with nature can be characterised by a monist or dualist view.

2. Being in a pristine natural environment, as in ecotourism activities, provides a perception of belonging to nature, of transcendence.

3. Human beings, through culture and technology, have created ways of transforming nature and, despite this, it is common to perceive that we are part of nature, with the same importance as other living beings, and that we are not above nature.

4. The appreciation and interpretation of natural and cultural heritage is a fundamental part of the process of education about the environment in which human beings evolved, as a species and as a society. This highlights the idea of the need to perpetuate this heritage.

Now, select the correct alternative:

4. The interpretation of natural environment… (Identify the three correct answers):

5. Select three of the following principles which are important for heritage interpretation:

6. The 4 basics of Heritage Interpretation are (select the 4 correct ones):

7. Considering the essential qualities proposed by Sam Ham for heritage interpretation in his acronym EROT or TORE, which of the following best represents the appropriate sequence of these qualities for successful interpretation? (Identify the correct answer):

8. Interpretation, environmental education, and tour guiding… (identify the correct answer):

9. Storytelling is an important tool for heritage interpretation. In this sense, the storyline should…? (identify the 3 correct points)

10. Considering the importance of adapting interpretive activities to the tourist profile, which of the following best describes the factors to take into account to offer an adapted interpretive experience? (Identify the correct answer):