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Ecotourism learning centres

The Ecotourism learning centres are facilities for joint PC-EU delivery of the NATOUR programme and it is part of NATOUR blended learning environment. They are equipped with necessary hardware and tools to enable collaboration with EU HEIs’ students and teachers, as well as to facilitate onsite learning in PC HEIs.

How target groups will use it and benefit from the Ecotourism learning centre:

Will purchase equipment and install it in a dedicated room/office in the school/faculty where the NATOUR programme will be offered. This will be a learning space where the NATOUR programme will be delivered;

Will actively use the Learning centre during the pilot implementation of the NATOUR programme (as well as in the following editions of the programme post project). Some examples include: conducting face-to-face classes, holding/attending virtual lectures, webinars and video conferences with EU professors, engaging in virtual collaboration with EU students on joint assignments;

Can potentially be used for meetings with external ecotourism stakeholders (e.g. consultation, joint projects, meetings for programme update, etc.