Project Events

Trainings and workshops

  1. Joint training in good practices related to ecotourism education and quality assurance systems

The joint training brings together experts from all EU and Partner countries in order to:

  • To share knowledge and experience in education and training in the field of Ecotourism & Interpretive nature guiding, thus creating a foundation for the forthcoming joint development of the NATOUR curriculum and learning content. It also provides forum for experience sharing among PC and EU partners, as well as for creation of shared understanding of the field;
  • To share knowledge and experience in quality assurance of study programmes in EU HEIs, thus creating a foundation for the development and introduction of EU-based Quality Assurance Systems in PC HEIs.

Participants: 18 participants from Partner countries, incl. administrators responsible for postgraduate programmes in PC HEIs, deans of the schools/faculties where the programme will be implemented, key academic staff); 9 trainers/training assistants from other EU partners.

When: June 2021

Where: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Joint training is held online

  1. Intensive teacher training workshop in NATOUR content and methodology combined with Capacity-building workshop in blended learning and joint implementation of study programmes

The Intensive teacher training workshop is a 4-days professional development session aiming at equipping PC HEIs’ academic staff with knowledge and skills to deliver the NATOUR study programme. The training session combines lectures, active learning assignments, discussion panels and field trips in order to ensure training effectiveness and high quality of learning outcomes. Guest lecturers/speakers with expertise in ecotourism and interpretive nature guiding from Germany are also invited to encourage learning from good practices and boost interdisciplinary thinking. 18 participants from PC HEIs’ are selected through a selection process, including application process, short-listing and interviews.

The Intensive teacher training is followed by a one-day Capacity building workshop in blended learning and joint implementation of study programmes. Its objective is to build capacity of PC and EU HEIs’ academic staff to moderate blended learning and joint delivery of the NATOUR programme through training in EU HEIs and multiplication training sessions in PC HEIs. The workshop participants gain hands on experience of utilizing web 2.0 tools for maximizing learning outcomes of their students.

When: 4-8 April 2022

Where: Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Ecotourism Training Camps

The objective of Ecotourism Training Camps is to provide a forum for discussion and learning about the most recent developments in the field of ecotourism, as well as to give another opportunity for professional development of PC HEIs’ academic staff. These events also serve as a means for disseminating the project results and strengthening collaboration with relevant ecotourism institutions/organizations. Training activities are organized following the principles of peer learning and team work. Representatives of external stakeholders are invited as lecturers for workshops and master classes. 


  • 24 teachers from PC HEI in each training camp;
  • 12 trainers/training assistants/ moderators in each training camp.

Schedule, specific aims, duration and venues:




Hosting organization




First Ecotourism Training Camp

Kick-start the professional development programme, immerse PC HEIs’ teachers into the field of ecotourism

Universidade dos Açores


5 days

July 2022

Second Ecotourism Training Camp

Share experience of the NATOUR pilot training, enhance networking and expand opportunities for joint teaching and learning

Corporación Instituto Profesional INACAP


5 days

January 2023

Third Ecotourism Training Camp

Enhance professional development of PC HEIs’ teachers and discuss intermediary results of the NATOUR pilot training

Universidade Federal Rural do Rio De Janeiro


5 days

September 2023


Internships in EU & PC ecotourism organizations and institutions

PC students enrolled in the NATOUR programme are provided with valuable learning experience through internships in EU and PC ecotourism organizations. EU HEIs arrange placements for incoming students from Colombia, Chile and Brazil. Its workload is 150 hours.

The selection of students for a placement abroad is merit based. It takes into account students’ academic achievements, motivation for studying abroad, and foreign language proficiency (EN / ES / PT/ DE). Following the selection procedure, 24 PC students (4 students from each PC HEI) will go to Spain, Portugal, Germany and Bulgaria and do internship in a European ecotourism company/organisation.

The other PC students enrolled in the programme do their internships in local ecotourism companies/organisations in the respective PCs. EU students enrolled in the NATOUR programme do internships in companies/organisations in their countries.

At the end of the internship period, students will be awarded Certificates by hosting companies/organisations.

Career Fairs for NATOUR graduates

Career Fairs is one-day events hosted by PC HEIs with the aim to help NATOUR graduated to meet potential employers – ecotourism institutions, organizations and companies. Students have the opportunity to gain awareness of organizations and positions they are hiring for, establish professional relationships and gather contact information from employers, discover new internship and job opportunities. At least 20 ecotourism institutions, organizations and companies will participate/be presented at Career Fairs, which will be held in 2024 in Colombia, Chile and Brazil.