UR – Colombia

Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Colombia

Universidad del Rosario (UR) is the oldest higher education institution founded in 1653. Today, it’s a top-three university among 23 high-quality accredited institutions in Colombia.

UR’s Internationalization Strategy has a strong focus on the international mobility of students and staff, and considers it as a key aspect to consolidate an international community and foster intercultural, idiomatic and academic competences among students. UR offers different exchange programs to students and academic staff. More than 130 bilateral agreements have been signed with HEIs worldwide. UR has participated in a number of EU-funded projects (FP7, H2020 and Erasmus+.), as well as non-European projects (ECOS NORD, AUF, DAAD, Newton Fund, Fulbright).

The university has 6 faculties and 2 schools, which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The Graduate School of Business (GSB) offers 3 undergraduate programs (BA, IBA, and Logistics & Production Administration), 5 master programs (MBA, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing, MSc Direction, and Health Management), and a doctoral program in Management Sciences. The School’s mission is to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of society through leadership education, management discipline and social responsibility in accordance with UR’s principles and community values.

The Entrepreneurship Campus of Rosario GSB is located in the city of Bogotá, with appropriate infrastructure for the development of academic activities of Postgraduate programs in the field of business and business networking. In terms of tourism, GSB has developed various courses, some of which teaching students how to turn an ecotourism approach in biodiversity zones into entrepreneurship. GSB has also experience in sustainable development and climate change, natural resources analysis, natural resources prevention measures, etc., therefore it could support classes and practices on how to manage natural resources in fragility areas.