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NATOUR Programme Curriculum

The development of a Joint PC-EU postgraduate study programme in Ecotourism and Interpretive nature guiding aims to:

– Create a shared understanding of the ecotourism field of study and best practices in ecotourism education and training among Partner Countries and EU academic staff;

– Enable the development of a joint curriculum of the NATOUR programme and lay down the conditions for joint delivery and implementation of the programme by PC and EU HEIs;

– Develop knowledge and teaching base in the field of ecotourism and Interpretive nature guiding and deliver learning content for the NATOUR programme;

– Support institutionalisation of the NATOUR study programme in partner HEIs by going through institutional internal approval process and ensuring the accreditation of the programme by relevant authorities;

– Ensure stakeholders’ support in the process of the programme implementation;

– Facilitate the admission process to the programme by delivering guidelines on the application process, programme requirements and career opportunities.

How target groups will use it and benefit from NATOUR Programme Curriculum:

Will use the designed curriculum to offer a new joint post-graduate programme in the field of ecotourism and nature guiding;

Will use the curriculum to plan educational process, the teaching/learning materials – to deliver training, the didactical guidelines – to ensure high quality of learning outcomes for students;

Will enrol in the programme that will allow them to: 1) acquire new competences in the field of ecotourism and nature guiding; 2) obtain formal national qualification – diploma in ecotourism and nature guiding, as well as internationally recognized Certificate of Interpretive Guide from Interpret Europe; 3) enhance their employability in the ecotourism sector or start their own company;

Will be able to access qualified labour force that has a skill set required in the sector and exploit their competences and skills to design better ecotourism products that have minimal impact on the environment;

Will benefit from the programme as it will contribute to the national priority of developing professional qualifications for the rapidly growing ecotourism sector.