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Module 1. New trends in ecotourism and nature-based tourism

Types of tourism:

¿Qué es el ecoturismo? Una forma de turismo diferente que te explicamos

El Camino de Costa Rica | Revista Oxígeno

Antes que sea tarde. Documental completo (Before the flood) en español

Ecosystem services and Biodiversity – Science for Environment Policy:

IPBES Regional Assessments – Spanish Subtitles:

People Need Biodiversity (Conservation International):

Robyn Nixon – Ecotourism’s benefits for conservation:

Ecosystem services (Harte Research Institute):

Ecosystem services (EU Environment):

Interactive map (Stanford University): (

Sustainable tourism and natural resources:

The 10 Most Famous Natural Landmarks in South America:

Tourism promotion Colombia (English):

Tourism promotion Colombia (Spanish):

Tourism promotion Ecuador:

Economic impacts of tourism:

How the tourism industry can be responsible for its environmental footprint:

The environmental impacts of tourism:

Marine Protected Areas: A Winning Card For Sustainable Tourism:

Vital Sites 2021 – Webinar: Launch of the IUCN WCPA Best Practice Guidelines on Geoconservation:

La planificación participativa para el manejo de áreas protegidas:

Quebrando los huevos de oro (Costa Rica):