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Module 1. New trends in ecotourism and nature-based tourism

1. In relation to the following statements, sort those two that are not correct:

2. One of the following types of tourism is more directly related to the idea of ecotourism than the others (Identify the correct one):

3. In relation to the following statements, sort those two that are true:

4. Which of the following elements has no relation with sustainable tourism? (Identify the correct one):

5. If we consider the ecotourism activity that complies with all its principles, we would be considering contributions in one of the following ecosystem services category (Identify the correct answer):

6. The natural resources that stand out for tourism are the following ones, except one group (Identify the correct answer):

7. The specific elements of intangible cultural heritage are (Identify the correct answer):

8. When thinking about ecotourism and protected areas, which of these activities are not compatible with the intention and goals of such areas? (Identify the correct answer):

9. From the following sentences, indicate the three of them that can be examples of possible negative impacts arising from ecotourism:

10. To meet conservation objectives, protected areas are managed through one of the following plans (Identify the correct answer):