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Module 2. Creation and management of ecotourism products, partnerships and companies

How to develop a marketing plan for your ecotourism business:

Ecotourism: Marketing to the Environmental Traveler:

How to Promote your ecotourism on social networks:

SEMRUSH, How to Create a Buyer Persona:

PlaybookkUX, how to make a Customer Journey Map:

CostumerSure, Customer Experience Metrics: NPS, CSAT or Customer Effort Explained:

About the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC):

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC):

Difference between Certification, Accreditation, and Recognition (GSTC): GSTC

Eco Certification program:

Global Ecotourism Network:

The balance between sustainability, ethics and community-based ecotourism:

A brief introduction to tourism supply chains:

Transforming Tourism for a resilient and sustainable post COVID world:

Tourism for SDGS Platform – Introduction video:

CSR in the tourism industry:

How is Ecotourism Market Growing Globally? FMI Analysis:

Can tourism be a catalyst for both economic growth and environmental preservation?