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Module 2. Creation and management of ecotourism products, partnerships and companies

1. Direction is intended to reconcile the ……………………………………… of the organisation and the individual objectives of the people involved (Identify the correct answer):

2. Identify which one of the following statements is false:

3. Two of the following statements are true. Identify them.

4. When we say that services are consumed and experienced by a customer simultaneously in ecotourism, we are referring to (Identify the correct answer):

5. When we talk about communication in ecotourism, value and meaning of the different communication needs and processing styles of different target groups refers to this category (Identify the correct answer):

6. Within the realm of ecotourism, how could companies leverage the five stages of the marketing process to differentiate their products and attract potential audiences? (Identify the correct answer):

7. After understanding broadly how to segment customers, the next step is? (Identify the correct answer):

8. The actions of raising awareness of the importance of tourism to the local economy, and helping to demonstrate the benefits that it brings to local community life are related to (Identify the correct answer):

9. When we talk about Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ecotourism implies the following (Identify the correct answer):

10. There are three types of certification systems. Which of these certificates are the ones that provide the final consumer with greater credibility and trust? (Identify the correct answer):